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Paul Adams T/as, Fine Wines of Mayfield, High Street, Mayfield, East Sussex, TN20 6AQ, United Kingdom.

El Circo Macabeo, 6 x 75cl

El Circo Macabeo, 6 x 75cl

The co-operative has numerous vineyards with different microclimates and altitudes ranging from 320 to 850 metres above sea level. The continental climate, with cold winters and hot summers, is mitigated by a beneficial cool and dry wind, the Cierzo, which blows through the vineyards all year long ensuring the grapes remain healthy.
El Circo Macabeo is a pale yellow with greenish hues. An intense fruity bouquet with citrus and tropical fruits. Full bodied, the wine has excellent balance and a pleasant finish full of lime, banana and pineapple.

Region: Aragon
Grape: Macabeo
Producer:- Marcelo Morales Calderon
Vintage: 2014
Price is for a 75cl bottle