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Paul Adams Fine Wines Ltd, High St, Mayfield, East Sussex, Reg No 11445609, TN20 6AQ, United Kingdom.

Moulin des Chênes Lirac

Moulin des Chnes Lirac

Moulin des Chênes Lirac is deep crimson in colour, with notes of strawberries and blackberries. On the palate, the wine has a velvety mouthfeel and fresh acidity. Redcurrant flavours continue through the mouthwatering finish.

Lirac lies to the west, across the river from Châteauneuf-du-Pape. It is a Rhône Cru, with a heritage of vinegrowing that is just as long, although with mixed fortunes compared to its easterly neighbour. Quality has been varied, but with the arrival of a younger generation of growers and more modern technology, the potential of Lirac has been realised. The Bréchet brothers have 16 hectares of vines in total there.

Moulin des Chênes Lirac was recommended by Decanter in 2015 as a best buy

Region: Lirac, Southern Rhne
Grape: 40% Cinsault, 40% Syrah/Shiraz, Grenache/Garnacha
Producer:- Bernard Julien
Vintage: 2016
Style: Medium/full Bodied Red
Price is for a 75cl bottle

Price: 14.95